Fit Your Space with Furniture that meets YOUR Need

  Desks Designed for Your Use.

If you want a piece of furniture designed to fit your space, your specifications and your budget, then talk to us. We craft our pieces out of real timber so that you get the look and feel of wood. Wooden furniture lasts, feels good and smells so nice when fed.

Designed desk crafted using Reclaimed Timber




Bookcases to Fit your Space and Use

Minimalistic Pine Bookcase to fit knick-knacks as well as books and look wonderful in any space.

Send us your measurements, your wishes and your budget and we will draw up a design to fit your needs And then we will lovingly build the pieces you desire.


Bedroom, Lounge or Dining Room

Whether you want a cabinet with one drawer or 20, we can build to your needs.

We use recycled wood and craft to fit your style or to match your current furnishings.


Our Mission:

To craft bespoke furniture using recycled materials to fit the space and desires of our clients.